Root Canal Therapy | Toothache Relief | Dentist in Bethlehem, PA

Our Bethlehem dentists' main priority is ensuring your teeth stay healthy. As a result, our dentist and staff will always do everything we can to save a broken or infected tooth, whenever possible. One of the most effective means of saving an infected tooth, and relieving you of your toothache is by opting for root canal therapy.

It is often recommended that root canal therapy be performed by a dentist when the inner part of your tooth - the dental pulp - becomes damaged and infected, potentially harming the livelihood of your entire tooth. Root canal therapy involves gently removing the damaged dental pulp and refilling the area with a specialized dental-filling material. 

Charles G. Wolfe D.D.S. will examine your tooth to determine the best course of action. Please contact our office in Bethlehem to set up an appointment. 


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