Tooth Extractions in Bethlehem Township | Wisdom Teeth Surgery in Bethlehem

Is a tooth causing you pain? If so, it may need to be removed in order to preserve the wellbeing of your overall oral health. Some instances that may require a tooth extraction include:

•    Advanced Tooth Infection
•    Advanced Gum disease
•    Impacted wisdom teeth (wisdom teeth growing in sideways will likely cause pain, infection, shifting of healthy teeths' positioning or a host of other negative effects) 

Charles G. Wolfe D.D.S. will complete a detailed and comprehensive exam (IE XRays) of your mouth to find out the cause of your oral complications. We will also review your oral and medical history before deciding if a tooth extraction is necessary. 

If you're suffering from tooth pain / toothaches or discomfort, contact Charles G. Wolfe D.D.S. today to schedule a consultation. Our office is located at 3844 Linden St., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.