Bonded Fillings Bethlehem PA | White Dental Fillings vs Metal Fillings

Bonded fillings are also known as composite fillings. They can be used to treat a number of complications such as for replacing old and worn out fillings, treating dental caries (cavities), filling in gaps between teeth, and repairing teeth that have become damaged. 

Bonded fillings are proven to be extremely popular with our patients. Constructed from a durable and natural looking porcelain material, bonded fillings are custom-matched to the shade of your healthy teeth. They also require little time and investment, since they can be applied in a single visit and are relatively inexpensive.

We also provide a safe and effective way to affix white bonded dental fillings for patients who would like their old metal fillings removed.

To find out more information about white, tooth colored dental fillings, contact Charles G. Wolfe D.D.S. in Bethlehem today. 

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